This is our largest set and boasts a huge 20’x20′ floor plan. It has a very rustic feel with all of the wood, yet diabolical because of it’s overall appearance. The walls are 12′ high.

This set is a mix of dilapidated walls, and stone for a full dungeon feel. It has a great look and is easily outfitted to take on a very ominous look for your productions. The dimensions are 15’Wx12’D, and the walls are 12′ high.
The cool color palette in this room is more whimsical and fun. This allows it to be transformed into anything from a bedroom to an office and anything in between. The floor space is 12’x12′, and the walls are 12′ high
The warm colors of this room have a more sophisticated look. The dark hardwood floors bring the room together to make a very welcoming space that’s perfect for a living room, executive office, or whatever you feel works best. The floor space is 12’x12′, and the walls are 12′ high.

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