• $800 for an 8 hour day
  • $100/every additional hour
  • Special model and hourly rates

Props and Set Dressing

We provide basic set dressing and design. If we don't have it we will get it for an additional fee.

Adult Friendly

Most of our productions are porn and we're OK with your production being the same.



  • Stage lighting
  • Access to props
  • Spacious green room
  • Makeup area
  • Large break room
  • 2 bathrooms
  • High speed wifi
  • 5 parking spaces
  • Safe and clean space


BDSM/Bondage Expertise

JP is one of the top bondage riggers in the world. He has over 15 years experience in production and is an authority in BDSM and bondage. His skills are available for hire if you decide that you want bondage in your production.


Next Step...

Are your creative juices flowing yet? If so let's get your production moving forward